Why plane always flying on left side of planning path line

The track of my fixwing is not the equal distance.

The plane alway flying on the left side of planned path.Can anybody here give me some ways to deal this problem.Thanks.

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I have a few questions:
- What type of plane do you have?
- Which direction does your propeller spin when viewed from behind?
- have you tuned the PIDs? Did you use autotune?
- What are you using for a Roll I value?
- Have you tuned the Yaw?
- Have you activated the Sideslip Controller?
- Have you performed the Auto Trim procedure?

By reading these questions you will get a lot of clues that might help, and depending on your experience level, you might have some reading to do. It will help me frame my response so I donr cover things you already tried.
Everyone else I have heard that has this issue is flying Right of track, that's why I want to know about your plane and prop direction. You should do a search for Plane flies right of track.

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