First hi to all and first post btw.. (Wireless communications seems to be the closest mach for this problem)

I have a curious problem.

My phone and tablet don't support OTG so i can only use 3DR radio with a laptop that needs net shared from a phone or other wifi AP. (it's a quite annoying to set up on the flying site)

So i though that wifi telemetry would solve that problem and i could use just andropilor or similar with a phone.

The problem is, when i connect the wifi, phone loses internet. Telemetry works fine but from all the googling, i haven't yet figured out why i can't force mobile network to be the internet connection and wifi just for telemetry.

Both do stay on on phone same time but can't figure how to force the mobile to be the internet.

I'd be very interested in any fixes and ideas to try.

It's most likely an android or wifi network setup problem.

Drone is a 6 axis kit with an APM2.8 and the wifi telemetry is APM_PIX_WIFI.

I'm still learning drones so i'm not looking for long distances. I'm aiming to build a camera drone to follow me.

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Consider getting an USB mobile modem and use your PC as a mobile hotspot.

That's a good idea but i'd like to have as little to carry as possible. Only phone and drone. And remote just in case.

Easy option would be a new phone with OTG. But i'd rather solve this problem other way.

Marek Suma said:

Consider getting an USB mobile modem and use your PC as a mobile hotspot.

What is the model of the phone? Some of them have OTG capability, just providing power for connected device is disabled by default. I had Samsung Galaxy S III Neo, power could be enabled with one command executed as super user. What do you need to connect to the phone?

Huawei Y5 II It's rooted and google says it doesn't support it. I tried all the tricks i found.

One solution would be to find a bluetooth telemetry.

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