I may have an answer tomorrow if I get out to fly.  I have my damping system the best it has ever been on the Gopro now.  No jello and no shaking unless I can see the skids shake or the tail boom shake up and down.  It seems the greater the weight I fly at the smoother the video is.  I also modified the dampers on the feiyu tech gimbal.  In the video you can actually see the tail boom bobble a bit in the shadow of the heli.  I am currently flying with ATC ACCEL RP at 72000.  I'm going to try 36000 tomorrow and see if there is an improvement.  Anyone flying with this parameter that low.


David R. Boulanger



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I flew a couple of very short flights today with the ATC ACCEL RP at 36000.  Banging the pitch and roll stick around I could not cause a shake to develop on either axis.  It maybe a little to soft though.  I won't know until I try to fly a mission in a few days. Viewed video, off my computer, on a 50" screen and it looked much improved with no jello or shaking what so ever.  The link is below and it is just flying around vegetation and vertical objects to help gauge clarity and stability.  Youtube never looks as good as the original though.



David R. Boulanger

Hi David,

Are you getting shaking when there is no control input change?  Or is it occurring with control inputs?  Either way, I think lowering the ATC_ACCEL RP param is the wrong way to go.  Setting it to 360 is very slow, and is bound to get you in trouble at some point.  I don't even use it that low on my 800 gasser.

I think the real cause of your problem is probably too much RATE_PITCH_FF.  Thorough logs would help though.  3.3 will include some new logging features that will really help here.

Rob,  It happened when I move the stick around fast in loiter.  Both roll and pitch. 36000 on the ATC ACCEL RP is to soft though.  I remember when I switched from an APM 2.5 to Pixhawk I had to retune my Altitude hold parameters.  Something to do with the speed the Pixhawk processes everything.  I never retuned any other Rate parameters or FF and maybe I should look at that.

I'll mess around with FF parameters a bit. They are .05 and .04 on pitch and roll. 

Thanks for the reply.


David R. Boulanger

I cut the Pitch and Roll FF's by 20% and she still fly's great and the video is super smooth.  ATC's are back to 72,000.  No jello and no shake.  Thanks.


David R. Boulanger

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