Just saw this http://www.slrlounge.com/sony-officially-announces-new-qx1-e-mount-... and wondered if it will work for a light weight camera.

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Hi guys, I just wrote a blog about using Sony cameras with the pixhawk specifically the QX1, check it out:


no standard option to disable auto image rotation :(

The NEX5n does the same thing and it really makes it difficult to use the images with applications like Pix4D and PTGui.  Its very annoying.  I found a Python script that rotates the images back to the orientation they were shot but haven't been able to get it to work.

Jamie, I don't suppose you've tried the Olympus A01?

Hi Chuck,

Any luck with horizontal/vertical flipping? Im experiencing the same issue.

I never found a solution for this.  It always seems to flip the image in the same direction so I jist load the images into Lightroom and flip the verticals to the right.

Here a video on how to hardwire the trigger button

no video over USB. However play memories remote has a quite good preview (unfortunately 2.4 wifi)

3DR has just announced support for a new version of the Sony UMC-R10C that's designed for the Solo, with deep integration into both the Solo hardware and software.  More details here.

Looking forward to NAB releases.

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