Wind calculation on HUD


I wanted to used the wind calculation and wind direction on the HUD.

So after the fly i take the tlog recorded and try to extract the wind parameters.

But cleary it is not the same so i suppose that the data store are some raw data and there is some calculation to show real wind value to the HUD.

Where i can find this calcul ? 

Thanks for you help


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  • mavlink already contains WIND message with the information you are looking for ?

    • Hello Andre

      thanks for you answer

      Yes and no...

      I look the tlog files with mission planer and there is on the screen Wind-vel and Wind_dir but it s the same in the Quick Windows so cleary th data was store.

      But when i check the data from the tlog in txt or in matalb i see

      for txt Mavlink_wind_t_direction xxx speed xxx sped z xxx len 20 it s absoloutly not the same value for speed and wind direction

      for tlog.mat i have 3 data "direction_mavlink_wind_t" and "speed_mavelink_wind_t" and  speed-z__mavelink_wind_t

      BUT they very differents than the value from HUD. Compare to real wind the data are good and usefull.

      So i suppose they is some mistake in conversion in txt or matlab or there is some calculs to do for the hud ?



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