I notice the APM is (I think) estimating wind speed and direction.  I can display wind speed and direction on Mission Planner and in minimOSD.  I can't find anything documenting this.  How is it coming to this conclusion?

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Hi William, I have looked for the answer to my question and can't seem to nail it down...please help?

Is the MatrixPilot3/4 for use in the APM2.6 while not using an airspeed sensor?, and by downloading it to the APM?

If so...please elaborate on how to use it, or where to find this instruction.

Thank you so much, Patrick aka noob to APM


MatrixPilot and APM are two different autopilot systems with common roots. MatrixPilot runs on the UAVDevboard and APM runs on the various 3DRobotics platforms. Both systems do a fine job of determining wind vector and airspeed without the need for an airspeed sensor.

Here is a link to the original posting on the method that is used:


Since you are asking your question on the home of 3DRobotics, I assume that you are using an APM. It is a fine system with plenty of support both from 3DRobotics and the diydrones community.

Best regards,

Bill Premerlani

Are any solutions to measure wind speed and direction on the newly AC3.3? I saw there are some telemetry parammeters/ osd parammeters who promise

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