I notice the APM is (I think) estimating wind speed and direction.  I can display wind speed and direction on Mission Planner and in minimOSD.  I can't find anything documenting this.  How is it coming to this conclusion?

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GPS track versus mag heading
GPS ground speed versus airspeed

I know that is typically how a flight computer computes wind, even on a real aircraft. BUT:

1) What if you aren't flying forward. Mag heading wouldn't be the direction it is pointing on a copter.

2) There is no airspeed sensor.

Then I don't think the calculated wind could be accurate.

Hi P2P, I've wondered this. I'm hoping to write some code to get a 3d wind vector estimate from a quadcopter for a research application. I was thinking that there should be a way to hack the new EKF code to get this if you assume that differences between observed and expected behaviour are due to wind.

Wow, that is some brilliant math. I didn't realize that was possible. Thanks.

Pretty cool... I'm looking for something applicable to multirotors, though.

That was way too much math. I stop doing math when letters and other funny looking symbols pop up.  I'll take your word for it.  Does this apply to or not apply to multirotors?

Is This a relative wind with respect to APM or is it true wind prediction ?


As far as I know, the method referenced by Sam does not work for multirotors. Perhaps someone from the APM team can comment on what they are using for multirotors.

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The method computes true wind vector in earth frame of reference. It has been used routinely for fixed wing aircraft by several autopilots, including APM and MatrixPilot. It does provide a reasonably accurate estimate of both the airspeed and the wind speed without an airspeed sensor, provided the aircraft makes a few turns once in a while. The details of the turn are not important, as long as the aircraft changes direction.

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Have you clear about wind speed/dir with mutimotor?

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