Building a ground station and was thinking of using windows 8 as the operating system .

Are there many using windows 8 with mission planner? any issues I am aware of the unsigned driver issue ,are there any other problems using windows 8 or am i better off sticking with windows 7 or win xp

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Windows 8 fine for me. Run on a fast I5 laptop and also a slow Atom.

Can you share the installation method?


I have the MP working on both a laptop running Windows 8 and a GCS mini-itx running Windows 7 and both work fine.

To load MP onto a PC/laptop running Windows 8 I would go to the desktop and run IE to download the MP msi from here: Unzip the MP that you have downloaded to your desktop and then run the msi. Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. I created a MP shortcut and put it on my desktop. I run the MP from my Windows 8 desktop, but I guess you can run it from the new Windows 8 interface, but I have not tried to do so.



You're also going to need to install .net 3.5 which is not enabled on Windows 8 by default unless you had already upgraded from Windows 7.

To enable .net 3.5 go over to the Control Panel, click on Programs (if you're in the category view).

Once you're there look under Programs and Features and click on the text "Turn Windows Features on or off" That will open a new window and .Net Framework 3.5 is the first item on the list.  Put a check mark in the box next to the text and click ok.

The computer will do a check and then try to get online to grab the files.




Loading the latest MP on a Windows 8 pc/laptop requires at least .net 4.0 and there is already a .net 4.5 which I installed and MP worked fine with .net 4.5.



That's good news TC3.


I was on my Surface as I wrote that and got bonked on the .Net 3.5 issue.


I downloaded the .msi you specified but it still errored out.  Weird.



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