Hello, I'm looking for a little help / guidance with wireless telemetry.


I would like to add the wireless telemetry to my APM to use with the GCS, as I live in the UK I can't use the Xbee 900's as this is the band used by the mobile telephones here. I have a 2.4 Ghz Futaba T7C so I can't use the 2.4 Ghz Xbee's either. My thoughts are to end up using a 5.8 Ghz video link 2.4 Ghz radio and I hope the 433 Mhz telemetry.


I have seen this post in the Arducopter section of the DIY drones site, there is talk of using a 433 Mhz link, which I understand will work using these Wireless 1 & Wireless 2 it looks like one for the connection to a PC and the other for the APM. I have also seen other posts talking about these as an option on the forum but none of the postings answer the following question / concern:


Reading all the posts it would appear as if it is not to complicated, however as I don't have a great deal of programming experience or a massive background in electronics would I be opening a can 'o' worms which I could not deal with by going forward with this? Could you point me towards a set of instructions to make this work? 


I hope someone(s) will be able to help me with this.





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I would like to think the more people we have, the better the chance to lower the price, I guess I will have to play it by ear and negotiate the best deal I can!

Not a major step up in price but the VAT will rise from 17.5 to 20% in Jan, so we will need to order before the end of the month, so I guess we should hold on a few days to make sure anyone who wants in has had their chance to put their name down.


I hope you can survive the winter, the back end of Jan is some way off.... and it's not looking to warm up any time soon........ :)


I have been reading these pages, which give some more information on the 868's.

Link 1 

Link 2


The range these units cover is obscene 40km + :)

I will only need about 1-2% of that range as I only do LOS flights ;)

Take a look at page 8 of the manual, there is a pin marked reset (number 5), from the information James gave in one of the posts he made a little earlier, this just needs to be used to reset the unit. I will look into the trigger / timing side of things a little more when I have time tomorrow.


There are some notes down towards the bottom of the manual about codes to trigger resets, it maybe worth having a scan, I will do some more reading in the morning. If you follow up on the code side of things I will look into a hardware option, I would like to go with the code if possible. One other thing that James said is that if the rate was set to 9600 he was able to fly with out needing a reset, I know you need longer flight times because of the project you have going on, I am sure one way or the other we will have this in the bag in the next day or so!

I think this is the Post where you found the information you posted above. I have very little experience with adding code into the APM, however I think I can see what the code is looking to do, reset the units on the pin 5 that is in the spec sheet we were looking at last night. I think the questions here are: where is the code placed and which pins are triggered. I have every confidence this will work, looks as if we now have all the "parts" needed just need the final step of putting them altogether correctly.


Thanks for following up on the code with Noth666.


I have had a few messages ref a group buy, if we can nail this last part I have a total of 4 requests for the Xbee Pro 868 DEV Kit. If anyone else would like to join in with the group buy please post your interest.

And if you can help with using the code please do let us know :) 





I have just spent about 1/2 an hour looking on the web to see what people are saying about the real world use / range of these units, I can not find one entry about the max range people are able to get, there is talk about the power being to much at close range, so they have had to move the units some way from the "base" unit to get them to work even at low power, approx 10 meters +. I would have expected to find a lot of “I have poor range” posts if they are no good, I did not see any of these either. Only the duty cycle popped up from time to time, but we know all about that. One other thing I saw a few times was the data rate will need to be 9600 when at long ranges, apart from those points I really can’t find any bad reports.

My thinking is, if the data sheet states it will do 40-80 km with LOS then I would like to think it will do 10+ km without any real issues, only real way to know is to use them, plus there are no other options that even hints at these ranges. The units we started looking were 800-1200 meters max!

For my use a few km's will be more than enough, I think for your needs out in the "bush" you will have no real issues with the range, but the only proof will be by testing in the field.



I would say that 868's are not used as much as the 900's that’s why there is not a lot of information on them. If you look up the 2.4 Ghz or the 900 Mhz there is a huge amount of information to be found.


I have sent a PM back with the information you were looking for; I hope this helps a little!


For those who have read this far or have been following this topic it has moved on to a blog here with additional information. Both Johann and I have had a great deal of support from many members here on this topic, James, Doug, Marcus & Chris have helped a great deal, so I would just like to thank each one of them for there time and help.


UK & EU supplier of DIYD hardware: www.buildyourowndrone.co.uk

Hello, really need your help. Connected to the xbee 868 apm2.5, everything works fine, but after a while xbee stops working since 10% of the limit. Tell me please: how to implement an automatic reset every 5 minutes.

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