Is it possible to switch between 3s and 4s batteries without tuning?

I have a 550 tuned with 3s 5000 and when I try to run 4s 5000 it wobbles really bad. I guess if I tune it to 4s the 3s would work okay. I was thinking I could save the parameters to separate files. Should that work?

The hex was doing good on 4s battery before I tuned it on the 3s but now I'm having trouble tuning it on 4s. It's shaking too bad to tune it I suppose. Should I load some other default pids?

Has a pixhawk mini running on 3.5 rc1.


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Shift from 3S Lipo battery to 4s lipo battery, first you need to check if the original electronic setups are able to handle the extra power. ESC, Motors. With the voltage rised up, the power would become violent than expected. If the original setups are high enough, then the impact would be not so obvious, if the orignal setups are made as 3s standard,then you need to restore to 3s or change the whole package.Especially for 5000mah this kind of big capacity battery. It would be obvious unstable


I have esc that should be designed for 4s e310 system.

I'm thinking it's the pids are too sensitive at the moment. Haven't had a chance to try to tune it yet.

I was hoping to get it tuned for 4s and still be able to use 3s, but I might just go with 4S only.



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