Hi all.

im working on new gs software. I`m working on it becouse its connected with  project WOD,

but this part is not ready for public,so i will present it later :D

but please you can help me , if you will write me here or to email p.cz@seznam.cz FEATURES,what you missing in other gsc software ;-)

I`m writing it in lowest level what is possible ( C, some time ( becouse necesery ) use some c++ CODE :-)) software now running cca 400fps on intel 3000hd, and all is in one thread ! so speed will later go up.

GUI is under work, we work on it parallel, becouse rest of code show us gui skills what we need ;-)

for now its on windows platform, later will also linux ,android and iOS version ;-)

in few days we finish first version of GUI so i will put here more pictures, now just one from testing of basics element ( now we work on scroling,and realtime updating map ),gps,map,compas, and horizont already work.

.dont take this graphiic serious, is under construction how i said ;-)

Petr Zverina

PS: sorry for my english :D

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come on guys , no one missing some functions in APM2,MP etc ??? :-) me plenty :D

for example mp: no posible easy setup baudrate of gps, very low fps ( on i7 ! ) , slow reactions etc ;-)

amp2 i dont test to much , he have posibility setup boudrate, but i missing other stafs ;-)

comone guys, help me little bit ;-)

we are going front ;-) conection with drone work nice ;-) working also background video from camera, just i cant make screenshot becouse im using winclippboard for this operation :D

so some mooving front ;-)

comeon guys, atleast tell me your opinion about our gui system ;-) every opinion helps make it better ;-)

you did certainly start on a big task.

I cant say much about it as I use Linux only, but it looks like you started FPV-centric, there are tons of work when it comes to maps/config/logs/graphs to do..

Did you consider making a nice widget like that for APM Planner2 ? (it could look just like what you have, fill whole screen - but then you would not need to do the work twice to get all the other necessary features.

i know that TONS of job left , we still working , all this we made in the fact in one week ( clear time ) ;-)

So i think all go front ;-)

We dont use some widgets , frameworks , etc ;-) we write it from begining in LOWEST level what we can ;-)

so 90% is clear C ;-) becouse we want this GUI realy fast on tablets with atom ;-)

just for info now on intel GFX cart app have 120fps ;-) so not bad ;-) and all is in one thread, like debug file output etc ;-) so we have lot of space for make it faster ;-)

for now we have done "

MAP - openstreetmap fullworking , with zoom, and automatic download tilles ;-)

HUD screen, all elements of hud are live and working well , includet buttons and active elements ;-)

Drone com - Mavlink is full integrated and all work ok ;-)

VIDEO CAP - full working video cap to bacground

now we working on setup screen ;-) when we will have some screens i will put them here ;-)

today i was fight with vector(structure) array :D for params ;-) but now work well ;-)

Thank you for your opinion,its realy help, so keep in touch and feel free write every your idea here ;-)

ps: GUI is make universal, so ofcourse will also usable with out background video ;-)

in one week we expect first test fly with our GSC ;)

For me , good mission planning tools are essential.

second button up right ;-) mission planing ;-) we will make it after setup screen, so WHAT EVER YOU NEED in mission planing , just say ;-) i will try integrate it ;-)

in the fakt for me too ;-) becouse im also prefer auto missions etc ;-)

mostly I need to see distance between waypoints in a grid, - to suggest something unique , not only "draw a polygon, and make a grid" Here comes something interesting:

I often plan complex missions in a very rocky landscape (northern Norway) to follow valleys and rivers, a single direction is not enough, I need to draw grid manually, to get intersecting parts well covered,

so if I imagine WPs being placed like:




it would be nice if I could make lines snap-to previous lines, like drawing from 3 to 4 , would snap to angle of 1...2  or 2...3

Also, grid space is important, so it would be nice if one could define line-distance , and then the software would try to snap the lineto this distance when creating wp3,4....

You seem like a very able programmer, taking on such a huge task.

As for parameters, please see APM planner2 - observe fast search, and highlighting of changed parameters until uploaded.

Synthetic vision is a must.

im in very similar scenario ( greece ) ;-) just we ahve here more sun :D :D :D

im sure that our cooperation in future will usefull ;-)

In the fact i have all ready wrking concept of PARAMETERS ;-) just i implement it now . APM planner2 i know, but im VERY unhapy from him ;-)

for parameters, i relay hate this LOOOOOOOONG lists , so i decide do all params on one screen , for fast and effective work with params ;-) i start today , so its realy baby, but start work it ;-) so i want have all params all able, no ******* hours rolling :D

dont watch graphic pls ;-) this code is still baby :D

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