Hi all.

im working on new gs software. I`m working on it becouse its connected with  project WOD,

but this part is not ready for public,so i will present it later :D

but please you can help me , if you will write me here or to email p.cz@seznam.cz FEATURES,what you missing in other gsc software ;-)

I`m writing it in lowest level what is possible ( C, some time ( becouse necesery ) use some c++ CODE :-)) software now running cca 400fps on intel 3000hd, and all is in one thread ! so speed will later go up.

GUI is under work, we work on it parallel, becouse rest of code show us gui skills what we need ;-)

for now its on windows platform, later will also linux ,android and iOS version ;-)

in few days we finish first version of GUI so i will put here more pictures, now just one from testing of basics element ( now we work on scroling,and realtime updating map ),gps,map,compas, and horizont already work.

.dont take this graphiic serious, is under construction how i said ;-)

Petr Zverina

PS: sorry for my english :D

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once a parameter is selected for editing, you can display the text in an dedicated textbox, it does not ned to be a tooltip/floating text.

done ;-)

this is what i want to do ;-) i will put it upsters , side of editing ;-)

but manualy write description of all parametrs , need time :D

or exist some txt file for this ?

so writing to epprom working..... uff.... nowhere is described that after message 23 ( set parametr ) you will get back 22 (read message ) like handshake, but this 22 have full 16bit (65535) index id :D no realy parametr index ....

this was total make dizi my vector arrays :D and of course program crash ;-) i was search  2  hours, whats happend :D

but now finaly all ok, and stable ;-)

Accelerators calibration WORKing ( left down in text box is result ;-) so we will ready for first test fly under WOD-GSC soon ;-)

i know that i can fly now ;-) but i want make it realy just by WOD, includet all callibration processes ;-)

we working now on GRAPHICS for setup screen ;-) so this need some time ;-) soon will some results ;)

so SETUP screen is near of finish ;-) now just left fence, PID ,tuning, and then only cosmetic stuffs ;-)

i found something strange. Is realy imposible make TRIM PROCES with 6 channel controler :-) i know is posible conect chanel 6 to chanel 7, but no if you use spectrum satelite straight to pixhawk. or soem receiver with PPM output, then you dont have where switch wires. So i decided makei  our WOD-GSC make SOFTWARE TRIM PROCCES !

How will work : in air you will activate ALTHOLD and trim your copter, when is stable you pres ctrl+T on keyboard or Icon.

after 15 seconds GS will write you aproach. When you are on ground, just press ctrl+S. and values will write to eerom.

Is not neceserry soem sotup in controler, no hardware changing. Only one "bad" thing is, that you need ground station for this ;-) but i think this will apressiate every one, with 6ch controler and pixhawk ;-)

your opinions pls ;-)

so STP ( software trim proces ) work realy well, today tested , configuration :


Laptop TAROX with 2nd gen i7

GSC-WOD v 0.55a

433mhz 500mw telemetry

Spektrum dx6i

Drone : HEXEN Mk1

            Pixhawk clone

            6x 2212/920 motors , Y6b, 10x3.8 gemfun props

everything was work perfect, just i need biger bateries, hexen with 0.55kg payload ( bateries ) hover in 35% of throtle :D so he will get soon MUCH biger bateries.


hi all , we transport now WOD-GSC to Acer iconia tablet ( win 8 and win 10 )

so soon some videos from test software ;-)

WOD GSC working, touch control full integrated, so soon first test in air ;-)

so first vido from short test ;-)
just take off and land, but for first test of tablet version WOD-GSC .... so im happy that nothing fired,exploded, crashed etc....


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