Woman Attacks Teenager for Flying a Quadcopter over the Beach.

This happened quite a long time ago but I decided that it would be a good topic discussion. A woman had assaulted a teenager named Austin Haughwout for flying a 3DR Iris+ On the beach. The teenager wasn't doing anything wrong nor did he even fly that low. He was taking video with his drone and a woman just seemed alarmed by the fact that he was taking video. She called the cops but when they didn't answer right away, she got annoyed and just attacked Austin. Now, Austin was smart to take out his phone and record the whole thing without the woman noticing that he was recording. When the cops did come, the woman complained to them about Austin taking video with his UAV. Then, Austin showed the police the video he took of him being assaulted. The police saw it and the woman got charged with assault 3rd degree. The police notified Austin that he wasn't flying wrong or anything, but they told him that he was allowed to fly there again except to keep in mind that some people get alarmed.

I'll put the link to the video at the bottom but the point here is, Was the Woman right to stand up against the person flying the drone? I mean the FAA released the proposed UAV Laws and Regulations. Austin wasn't doing anything wrong, but if somebody had a camera on a drone and people didn't even know that they were being recorded, maybe the woman was right to stand up against Austin. Maybe the way she assaulted him was wrong but if somebody felt uncomfortable, they would probably have the right to tell the person flying the UAV to not record them or to be cautious flying around them for safety.

I myself think that Austin wasn't doing anything wrong. He perfectly had the right to fly a Quadcopter over a public area and recording the place. However, if somebody feels disturbed, they would also have the right to go up to them and say, "Hey, could you please keep some distance away from us or not film us with it?" Rather than assaulting that person.

What do you think about this incident?

Do you think people should fly around places like that? (Beaches, Parks, Playgrounds)

Tell us what you think in the comments! Thanks for listening and here is the link to the video.




Thanks-Jeyoung Shin

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That's so crazy I could understand if he was hovering over here wile she was tanning or her kids but but clearly form his video he is just taking arial of the beach front crazy it is .

Well, it is an old topic, but there are new events.


But first the event mentioned above.


Everyone on the beach is in a public place, there is NO expectation of privacy. Everyone down to a 5 yo kid has a cell phone that will take better, closer, pictures. As far as safety, the beach had very few people on it so the risk of hitting someone if the quad came down was small. It is ALL about risk management. Had that been Jones Beach on Labor Day weekend, I would say NO GO.


Now as far as this kids character? I am not 100% sure he is completely 'innocent' in the events above. No, I don't think he broke any laws, but this is the same kid that mounted a loaded handgun to a quad, and then up loaded the video to Youtube. I am not sure if the authorities charged him with anything, but it does show he has a tendency to push the limits. He was also arrested on unrelated charges.


 Now back to the quad and beach incident. Again, I don’t think he broke any laws, and was unjustly attacked by that woman, but I have to question whether he was just innocently flying around  for aerial views, or was he there to "Stir the Pot" a little?

Thank you for your response. Yes I know this is the guy that put the gun on the quad and that clearly isn't right. Thanks.

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