The end of my most successful flight yet was in the form of a crumpled, standard Arducopter alumiminium frame.  It was awesome, I've never gotten such a thrill out of 'disaster' in my life, because it marked the highest point of a long newbie journey for me - I flew for ten minutes with relative control.  So I had a huge smile on my face as I bundled up the pile and scuttled home.  

Fortunately, nothing was damaged beyond the structural - props, arms and motormounts all took a hiding.

Last month I bought, as a sidethought at the hardware, some 10x10mm wood - with vague fantasies about building David RCExplorer's tricopter with an HK KK Blackboard (I still want to do that, it's such a simple, elegant craft).  In the meantime, however, I have used it to make Wooducopter.  The only other variant is I went from + to X formation, mounted the motors directly onto the arms and started looking at GoPro attachment ideas...  first thing is to see how it handles the Pinnochio treatment.  Will it fly true?  I'm a mere prop-balancing away from finding out how it likes being wooden and eversoslightly slimmer, motor to motor.  

Any bets?


And yes, I know I'm a slob!

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Dude, your desk is cleaner than mine ;)

She flew well!  Needs quite a bit of tuning, but it's a good frame.  Broke one arm, of course... but I have more dat wood.  And I'll now get a load more and spend an afternoon making a million spare arms.  And maybe some different landing gear.  Was using the jDrones plastic legs, cut in half.  Think I might be better off with something in the 'bowed-wire' category.  

Anyways, wooducopter flies.  I even did an upside down recovery today, which was pretty exciting, heart racing as she fell upside down and I just hit the throttle and watched her right herself and GO, a foot off the turf!  Didn't catch it in time for the next one, though... hence the breakage.  I am a slob and a hoon and a vandal.  And it makes me happy.

This is excellent.  Two days to a quiet one, windwise, in this windy city of Perth, Western Australia.  I will be ready.

yeah, right! You can see bench in there! I wonder if I still have one under all this stuff... 

Wood generally has some really cool tensile/compressive characteristics as well as shock and vibration absorption that makes it a great material for all kinds of stuff.  The only problem is the random nature that the grain throws into the mix. Yours looks cool, I like the simplicity and if it flies it must be a winner! 

On landing gear- After realizing that I don't land so well, I have been on the quest for non-bouncy, lightweight, resilient landing gear that can be replaced at the hardware store. I just cut five short pieces of soft foam rubbery pipe insulation and stood them on end under my quad glued on with a smear of 3x polyU foam- I really like it.  I can drop my quad from above waist height and it bounces once, then its perfectly level again.  hehehe...  I need idiot proof landing gear- this seems close.  I tried the curved spring wire idea, not impressed.

I like the way you fly Nick!  Sounds fun... to watch :)

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