1 hour 20 minutes
- APM 2.5 takes the world record for Multi-Copter Duration of Flight powered by a rechargeable battery. [note:  records also exist for hover that can occur indoors and take advantage of ground affect]

Flight Requirements:

- Distance > 1 kilometer

- Minimum elevation from ground the greater of 2 meters or two prop diameters (no ground affect)

- Lands within 50 meters of Launch

- Minimum of two way points > 0.25 km apart

- Altitude Climbs: Two climbs > 100 meters each

- Ends before voltage drops below recommended minimum level for recharging

- Flight over ground that does not vary more than + 20 meters in elevation

Actual Flight

- Distance: 1 - 2 km

- Min elevation 2 meters

- Ended at start

- Three way points with two 0.3 km apart

- Two climbs:  126 meters and 112 meters

- 13.06 volts left with 10 volt recommended minimum

- Ground + 10 meters

Time:  > 1hr and 20 minutes (81.43 minutes)


- Octa 2XQuad 6Up+2Dn (wanted to fly something novel that would show off the flexibility of APM 2.5)

- 3.18 kg AUW

- Li-Ion battery

Attached are the flight logs.  Later I'll provide:

o Video

o Earthview of flight

o Altitude gains

o Details of the copter (design and weights)

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Hi Forrest,

This is amazing! Bravo!

I am glad you pursued your efforts, although some jealousy and frustrations from some people tried to discourage you, to make something real and impressive!

Why did you choose this tiger motor instead of the MN3510? Lighter ?

Other questions,

How did you fly this beast 100m high up in stabilize mode, because at such altitude you can't see your ship anymore?

I notice you used the honeycomb laminate material to build your APM pod. How did you fix the board on it, with what vibration isolation if any?

Very smart. I guess the parameters of this add_motor_raw function are the geometrical x,y,z coordinates of the motor versus the CG?

Congratulations on your record!

Although, unless I am mistaken - this flight was done way before you and in quite cold weather:


2 hours and 7 minutes.

I am not sure if it was official or not, but 2 hours is a bit better than one.



1:20 Is amazing no matter how you slice it.

Hi Forrest,

World record thing aside, this is a VERY impressive accomplishment! And the full disclosure is awesome. The 2 hour flight referenced above doesn't even get on the list for lack of disclosure (and the hearsay dropping of batteries).

Hats off to you!!! I look forward to seeing the results in summer.

This one was a quad and not an octo. I think Forrest has indeed a world record with an octocopter that has a real capacity to embark a gimbal and camera. Because such long flights must have a practical purpose. This was not the case with the 125 min flight of a useless quad.


Before you make a comment like "useless quad" why not take your time to learn something about it.

This "useless quad" uses plug-and-fly hardware, meaning it will adapt to most airframe without settings change. It carries lots of weight and platform produced most beautiful cinematic material using Canon SLR.

Not many (if any) commercial X-copter can produce or re-produce results achieved by Viktor with his machines.

See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/user/astalaViStaTube?feature=watch

The 125 minutes flight, along with the more recent 96 minutes+ flights reported on rcgroups, were made on quads (more efficient)  and were all in hover. . Unless new evidence comes in, this does appear to be the longest flight time with some "real" distance covered,  on a octo ... Very impressive.

Sure, build the quad and repeat 125 minute flight if that's so easy to do.

Useless Quad???!!!This results is possible with 3kg octa like Forrest did,no problem with that!!

,but this octa is useless bcs on that battery it can not carry anything else than GoPro and for that,simple quad would be enough with result beter than that...also vibration on Forrest frame must be very big,not good for camera

Here is my friends quad...85 mins duration flight at 0 Celsius


and also some usefull areal video showing control as well,with go pro and brushless gimbal 400gr. together flight time would be around 40-60min


nothing epic in this,its all explaind here

and if you want somethin usefull,than this is,and also close to the world record

First real Arri Alexa lifter, payload up to 15kg, flight time up to 1h.

it is just matter of how many $$$$ you are willing to spend and for what


125 minutes quad  flight is a stellar achievement and very difficult to do. Not sure how you came up with the idea I was writting otherwise. Doesn't negate the fact that this reported flight also is, on an octo.

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