1 hour 20 minutes
- APM 2.5 takes the world record for Multi-Copter Duration of Flight powered by a rechargeable battery. [note:  records also exist for hover that can occur indoors and take advantage of ground affect]

Flight Requirements:

- Distance > 1 kilometer

- Minimum elevation from ground the greater of 2 meters or two prop diameters (no ground affect)

- Lands within 50 meters of Launch

- Minimum of two way points > 0.25 km apart

- Altitude Climbs: Two climbs > 100 meters each

- Ends before voltage drops below recommended minimum level for recharging

- Flight over ground that does not vary more than + 20 meters in elevation

Actual Flight

- Distance: 1 - 2 km

- Min elevation 2 meters

- Ended at start

- Three way points with two 0.3 km apart

- Two climbs:  126 meters and 112 meters

- 13.06 volts left with 10 volt recommended minimum

- Ground + 10 meters

Time:  > 1hr and 20 minutes (81.43 minutes)


- Octa 2XQuad 6Up+2Dn (wanted to fly something novel that would show off the flexibility of APM 2.5)

- 3.18 kg AUW

- Li-Ion battery

Attached are the flight logs.  Later I'll provide:

o Video

o Earthview of flight

o Altitude gains

o Details of the copter (design and weights)

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All quad examples, all great feats yet different designs:  No redundancy, for instance, and, at least on the 96 minutes+ flight, full throttle => instant smoke and crash.

The Alexa lifter is very cool and an impressive feat. Yet less than 60 minutes flights with no payload. With 15kg, how long?  15minutes, if that? In any case, again, different application, different class.

All these examples are like pointing to the fact that a heli has been shown to fly more than two and a  half hours, or planes have been flown fpv more than 80km. Great feats. And ...? 

Using  these examples  to belittle  this particular flight does not make sense to me.

Alexa lifter can fly 1 hour with 15kg payload...do you want a bet?

And what is redundancy on Forrest frame?

and i do not have anything against his project,,it is nice experiment,also he wrote long time ago lots of useful stuff about light frames...i just wanted to say that if you want to have longflight hevy lifter u will have to invest lots of  $$$$$=10K

light long time quad (45+minutes of normal flight)from above as x4 can carry500gr. and X8 can lift 1500grams,what is maximum without big investment at this moment,and in the near future ,who knows...one thing is for sure,15 min. flights will be history soon

Thanks Forrest for sharing your unique project.

>Alexa lifter can fly 1 hour with 15kg payload...do you want a bet?

No, I don't want to bet, cause I am a nice guy!  (:   If you mean stay up barely hovering for 60 minutes with 15kg, possibly.But not usable for anything but hovering, and certainly not professional filming  for that duration. I wouldn't call it flying.

Back of the envelope:  Tiger U8s motors and 28”x9 props on 8S  and a near optimal battery configuration,  battery weight half of AUW, and a lean 4kg X8 frame, you’d have 19kg of batteries for a total weight of 38kg. So 4.75kg minimum thrust required for each of the 8 motors. Let’s say 5kg to make things simple and at least be able to go up or down  a few centimeters . Given  U8s on 8s and 28” props, at that required 5kg thrust level  they will be under 8 gram/watt in efficiency. But let’s be optimistic again and say 8gram/watt.  In that case that would mean 20A current consumption at 30V, for each motor. 60 minutes at 20A per motor will require a battery capacity of 160 Amp Hours. For typical lipos this can be achieved at somewhere in the 16kg range, maybe a bit less. With a 19kg battery weight budget, yep, there is a slight chance …

But double the thrust required for real flying and decent filming capacity (hover at ½ throttle) and you will not get 60 minutes. Far from it.  Even if you lighten up on the batteries to lower the thrust required. Even if you go Lilon battery and/or a thrust/AUW  ratio of 2/3 … 15-20 minutes of good flight time with 15kg payload would actually be impressive …  

But hey, back of the envelope estimates are …  just that … Let’s just see how long those dangling 15kg can fly! I'd actually love to loose that bet ...

>For typical lipos this can be achieved at somewhere in the 16kg range, maybe a bit less.

Oops, bad enveloppe ... incorrect  extrapolation from typical 4s lipos. 32kg actually would be more like it for 160,000 Mah. So not even close, not a chance to even hover for 60 minutes with 15kg payload ...

Maybe here you can find some interesting LiIons


John..you are right,"do you wanna bet?" was more like a say than real call

Kopterworx Big Hammer XB8 is designed to lift 22Kg (multi +batt+gimbal+camera+etc)

XB8 with 4 pairs of 6S 10000MAh batts (1 pair connected in series in order to acheeve needed 12S and than in paralel ) is 12kg RTF

That leave the room for aditional 10kg for camera and gimbal and link

that is not enough for Arri with prime and non existing gimbal for that ,but two Red cameras in 3D would fit just nice and it will be in the air for 30-40 min.....20+kg!lets be real,no one will pay Insurance for Arri in the air,you just rent a real heli for that..

and with such a big lifter as this is additional batts is no problem,so who knows what is possible with more batts wich you can trash and drain to the bottom if you want world record and video for show-of

also,most of the big multirotors with expensive equipment(Red+prime=40K) only do slow flights (when multirotor is even more efficient than just hoovering in one place) nothing acrobatic and fast...

Again you didnt catch my point and that is;heavy lifter long flight multirotor is very expensive,and all other acheevment with LiIon batts is only for small cameras

this baby maybe


Are you guys suggesting that somebody is flying for 60 minutes with a 15kg payload?!

From what I can see of that Hammer XB8, it flies for 40 minutes empty, but only 10 minutes with the Red Epic payload.

no Robert,the one you  see flying 10-15 mins is normal much smaller,normal motors X8,and yes i sugest that monster Big Hammer XB8 with U8 170KV motors and 28Inch props with 20+kg alltogether weight will stay in the air for 30-40 mins...

No, I don't think so. Where have you seen that documented?

I see this all the time.  Somebody claims XX minutes flight time.  And then XX lbs payload.  And people assume that you can get both at the same time, but you cannot.

yes you can...proper video will be soon,2 weeks,this year....problem is with telemetry for such a setup...and motors are U8 130KV

Kopterworx is one of best multirotor shop in the world and its from town near mine...they can afford such setups and expensive experiments

Ok, anxiously awaiting.  Frankly, I don't believe it.  Money and Experience don't allow you to break the laws of physics. Not saying it's physically impossible to ever do this, but it would be a quantum leap in multirotor performance, and it just seems implausible to me.  Seems more likely to be a misunderstanding.

If it can fly for 40 minutes with 15kg payload, then it should be able to fly for 2+ hours without payload. They have only demonstrated 40 minutes empty so far, so something is missing.

If I don't see it whenever you post it, please ping me.

I am suggesting the opposite. Not possible with the prop/motor combination chosen.

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