I am using the ng code and the dip switches for putting it in x mode seem unresponsive. I have the first one down and the others up but it wants to fly in + mode. I am not really sure what i have done wrong. It flies great otherwise. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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I haven't maidened my Arducopter yet, but isn't DIP1=OFF X (up) mode?
got it to work. Not really sure why it seemed like it wasnt the first time. Also, with the ng code the apm is supposed to stay pointed toward one of the motors right?
Perhaps you didn't reboot the APM? You need to reboot it after switching modes.

The NG can fly with the APM pointing between the arms, but you need to uncomment a #define in the config.h file.

Disclaimer: I haven't tested it myself :-)

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