I have been trying the x-plane interface over the last couple of days and could't manage to tune the airframe - it always ended up spiraling in after switching to any of the stabilized modes. This had been working fine before. I noticed a substantial time lag (1 second?) between the aircraft attitude changing in x-plane and the corresponding change in the HUD attitude in the mission planner, so suspected that the delay was making the control loops unstable. It seems like the control surfaces update quickly enough (APM communication to x-plane) - both because I can see them update on the airplane model in x-plane and because it is easy to fly in manual mode. The problem seems to be on the aircraft data return (x-plane to APM). This was with version 1.0.41, but I updated to 1.0.42 and it was the same. X-plane is the latest 9.7. My APM was loaded with the HIL firmware from the mission planner.

I can't be sure which version of the misison planner I was using before when it was working, but found a copy of version 1.0.0 so tried that. All works fine with this version and I can tune it up to a nice crisp response. X-plane wasn't reloaded between the runs with the two different versions, and neither was the APM reset, so I don't believe it is anything in the way I have set the data I/O options in x-plane.

I am using Windows 7 32 bit, but also tried it on a second PC with Windows 7 64 bit. Same result. X-plane update rates look fine (smooth motion) in both cases and have good processors and graphics cards.

Any ideas on what is happening?

Thank you,

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there was a problem with lag on .41-42. i have now fixed and tested, som please update

"help" > "check for updates"


it is fixed in .43

Version .43 fixed it for me.


Thank you,


I am experiancing the same problem when i updated my X-plane from demo. I purchased the discs and when they arrived the newer version is not working with APM planner, but my old demo version works fine,.
it goes into a spin and crashes as soon as i select Auto mode, also in manual is very tricky to keep the plane but it is managable but as soon as i go to auto or stablise the plane goes into a spin and crashed. i think my problem is the New x plane as i can fly with the old one.

What version of Xplane is giving you trouble?
I have the same problem with apiraling to the ground with the latest version of xplane 9.70, and APM mission planner 1.0.53, any suggestions to how people solve this?
Sorry for the late reply, i was away and could not check my X-plane version.
the version is The problem started when i installed the CD ROM version, the demo version was fine and still is.

Alex, have you done a radio setup?

avionics, the latest is 9.7 so please update.

Thanks Mike I am all set,  i updated it to 9.7 and all fine.

thanks again for the great Job, appreciate it very much and enjoy it very much.



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