Someone is purchasing X-Plane FS as a gift to me, and has informed me that the latest and greatest v10 GLOBAL has just been released. Does anyone know of any problems with this upgrade? I would like to assume that this will work with Mission Planner, but then again, it is software.

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I downloaded the demo and checked it out and everything looks the same as the later 9 versions. I didn't test it but it should work the same. 

There are some slight changes in X-Plane 10 that need a modification to the APM Mission planner in order to function fully in HIL mode, shouldnt be too long to get it working though, a few changes to APM Mission planner code

apocolipse: Thanks for the info. I'll keep my eyes open for the update. I new to this world so it will take me a while to come up to speed. I'd be really lost if not for these forums.

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