I bought a XUAV Talon with wing extensions in 2015 and still haven't been able to fly it using waypoints and using the RTL. I am able to fly it manually.

The radio is set up with Manual, FBWA and RTL

Pixhawk with the latest Plane3.7 and Mission Planner

I have flown it manually and according to the MP, it will fly in a circle if the radio is turned off. Ground tested.

If I switch to FBWA it flies fine and stabilizes accordingly.

If I switch into RTL on the radio, it dives for the ground and the throttle increases.

Does anyone have the parameters for this as this has been most frustrating and I have been wanting to use the waypoints and fly it with confidence. My radio has been set up (T8FG) and it all seems to work with the plane, but for some reason, I cant fly waypoints and I am worried that if I lose signal, it will crash.

Look forward to some help.

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if you are setting for the first time take someone' s help who has experience in setting pixhawk. you may be able to set for FBWA mode without much difficulty if you follow the

I also have a Talon with extensions etc.  It has been a test platform, so I won't share my params as they have been all over the place, and is currently a high endurance 6S rig.

You need to provide some more details: full system setup (autopilot, gps, telemetry, battery, motor, prop etc), and dataflash logs to start with.

Shift the post over to and I'll go through it with you.

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