I have had a 3D Robotics X8 for about a month now. I have been flying it in a large field near my neighborhood. I had just got it in the air in  stabilize mode and was flying  and moving about. I decided to get it up in the air a little and got the orientation out of wack and ended up over some trees. Well in went down and I have looked until dark and can't find it. I was connected via mission planner 2.0. So is their any way that I may be able to pull the last longitude and latitude settings from it? I am going back tomorrow to continue the search. Thanks

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Yes, just make sure nothing is going to short out. You can power it and connect to it via USB.
You might need to disconnect the telemetry module first, before applying power. Some versions use a shared serial port between the USB and telemetry, and connecting to both can cause problems.

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