Hi, have anyone use xbee as telemetry kit for pixhawk?

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May I know what xbee model are you using. I'm bought the xbee series 2


use series 2 2.4 

After I set up the xbee by following the instructions. Do I have to program the qgroundcontrol or pixhawk?

no problem with any radio I am using now. setup the radio test it with terminal window on both xbee type text in both window should apare on opposing terminal window using a PC or MAC. 

Alright. Thanks so much for the information. Can I get back to you if I need any more help?

radios are one time setup nothing to do on the FC side at all!


If you need longer range and mesh support you can take a look at jDrones long-range telemetry. You can upload mesh software on these modems and it works 101% on them. Why?? Well Seppo/RFD who made these modems also helped to develop mesh software that we are talking in here. 

We also have custom pixhawk cables for the modems if you need. 

Is there any information available (link) on the mesh network firmware for the rf900 radios?

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