Hello guys,

I am building an FPV plane at the moment and want to do crop scouting with it. So I want to use telemtry to upload waypoints and edit the mission etc.

I installed the recent ArduPlane fw (V3.5.2) and calibrated the mandatory hardware. I bought a pair of XBEE Pro 868 MHz modules with RP-SMA connector and set them up via XCTU software.

I set them up with following settings:

Modem VID: 105

Destination Adress high: 0

Destination Adress low: FFFF

Baud Rate: 57600

API off

The Groundstation is set up to Coordinator Enable: Coordinator

The Air end is set up to Coordinator Enable: End device

I can send messages from one XBEE (linked to an Arduino as I have only one SF USB explorer) to the one connected to the PC via SF USB explorer regulated. The board on the air end is an SF explorer regulated board. I see the messages in the XCTU terminal, so the connection seems to be fine.

On the pixhawk side, I wired the explorer board as mentionend on the ardupilor-website (http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-telemetry-xbee.html#common-...)

Connecting from Mission Planner to pixhawk via USB is no problem. But when I try to connect to pixhawk via XBEE, I see both RSSI-LEDs come on and the RX-LED on the PC-end blinks and also an the air-end you can see the DOUT Led blinks, but Mission Planner always says "No heartbeat" (COM port is selected and baud is set to 57k).

After a few days I was very frustrated that I couln't get it to work so I decided to buy a pair of XBEE Pro S2B 63mW modules to hopefully fix the problem. But it tis still the same.

Both XBEEs are configured and can talk to each other. One is coordinator, the other is end-device.

Does someone have or had the same problem? I have no idea what else I could try to get telemetry to work.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Guys.

I think I know the solution :) .İt's not for the xctu configuration.I faced the same problem in 2019.The solution is provided by directly modulating pixhawk's telem rx-tx pins in digi module without entering the fdti integrated.Resolving the  bad data and connection problem if you do it pixhawk telem connection as in the picture.

Sorry for my terrible english. 

M.Furkan ATEŞ

Göktürk UAS


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