Just wondered whether anyone can recommend a definitive xbee set-up (modules and adaptors) - one which is know to work with as little fuss as possible?

Could anyone also tell me what config files i should be using?

I've just spent a frustrating 3 evenings trying to do the simple task of configuring 2 xbee 2.5 modules with an adafruit adaptor, a sparkfun usb explorer adaptor and a mass of different websites and books - with zero success.

Intermittent comms with X-CTU and the modules is the main issue and a total refusal to read from or write to them. When i manage to massage a connection, X-CTU can't identify the modules either, simply offering a module serial number.

rage is now me as far as those items are concerned.

I'm not looking for super long distance comms - just something which will let me configure my APM/OilPan IMU wirelessly and provide a bit of close quarters wireless telemetry.

As and when my quad matures, i'll look again at something more powerful.

Help much appreciated.

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If you use exactly the gear recommended in the manual it should work every time. I've never had a problem with any of these; setup can be a bit complicated but if you do it just like that it should be fine.

BTW, if for some reason one of your modules is corrupted, you can reset the firmware with the unbricking process described at the bottom of that linked page.
I think it's illegal for us to use the 900Mhz frequency in the UK so that leaves us with 2.4Ghz Xbees. I'm getting my bits set up this weekend and will be doing the above. Hopefully not too taxing...I'll let you know how it goes.

I believe that there are high power Xbee 868s that are legal for use in Europe.

@Thomas J Coyle III

Thanks for the info Thomas, you appear to be correct. 40km range!!

Make sure and check the baud rate for compatibility with ardu-pilo products. I was looking into a long range 900mhz xbee and it was not compatible.
Be careful, the 868's have a duty cycle restriction that's a pain to get around.
There was a post back in February 2009 all about the duty cycle of the 868. As Paul say's, Its a pain but still usable.

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