Is there a time frame for when you think the XBee footprint version will be out? I finally got around to ordering an APM2 and got an "Air" module of the new radio but now am wondering if I should have held off on the single radio as it will be fairly useless until the XBee footprint is released.

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It is my understanding that you don't need any "footprint".  You can just hookup the UART from the radio directly to the telemetry port on the APM2 (or 1).

On the ground side, you can just plug the USB directly in.

I believe the footprint is only to make it compatible with legacy hardware of other types that have an Xbee layout.

I understand I can plug the ground radio in directly to the computer but I already have a project box that houses my current XBee setup and it's all part of a ground station and it would be nice to be able to remove my current XBee and drop in the new 3DR radio in its place in the DIY Drones USB adapter. There wouldn't be a change to setup this way.

XBee is dead with the introduction of this more powerful, faster, and more sensitive radio.  I doubt 3DR is going to try to make it plug into the silly connector scheme used by the XBees.

Why not though? There are plenty of people with one and they even announced on the post that it would happen. I'm just trying to get an idea of when that might be.

It would be a lot easier to use a cable. 


I didn't mean to sound like an ass, I just thought the XBee connection design was foolish from the beginning.    

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