I find that I cannot connect to the PID screen using XBees. This used to work before.

However, I can see the Sensor/Radio-in/Motors-out screens using Xbee. GCS also connects fine.

When I try the PID config screen, it says something about an ID mismatch and "Port in use?".

So, to summarize:

I can't get the PID config screen to work with XBee.

Sensor output, Radio-in, GCS work fine using Xbee.


Everything works with USB.


Any pointers as to what I could be doing wrong?




p.s. since the Sensor view and radio view works, I assume the xbee config (port, speed) is OK.

I also tried reloading code and resetting EEPROM, but the problem persists.

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Actually what i've noticed is that you should still use 1002. There are 1061 firmware for those XBP90-DP's but after I uploaded it to all my XBP90's I had a lot of problems so I downgraded back to 1002 and everything started to work smoothly again.


So beware of 1061 fw. It just might not work as expected. And yes it IS 1061 and not 1161. If you have 1161, you are not using XBP09-DP modems. Also yep it will show those modems as -DM when you first query them.

Jani, could you correct both manual entries with this advice? I don't want to get them wrong:

Thanks for the correction, Jani. It was 1061, not 1161, but my 15 minutes (of fame? :-)) are up, so I can't edit my post.

Chris, it is easier to just say stay with firmware version 1002.


I will play around a bit more to see all the possible variations and after everything is 100% proved, I will update our wikis for that.


And yes what i've seen, it is easier just to stay with fw 1002 on those 900Mhz XBee Pro's

My problem turned out to be a tiny short over some of the radio pins, preventing the PPM board from starting up properly. I found this out only after getting a new APM board, but now things are progressing quickly with a half dozen great, stable flights so far.

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