Some help please!

Before buying, I was wondering if this Xbee setup is legal in the UK?


Any help appreciated...



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Hi Peter,


I'm afraid not! both 900Mhz and 433 Mhz are not allowed in the UK legally.


You can use the 868Mhz but these work for  minutes and then stop working for the rest of the hour due to duty cycle!

Some people are currently experimenting running 2.4Ghz Xbees and 2.4Ghz radios together.


Kind Regards




Dave, Thanks for the guidance. Well that seems to put a damper on that!

but looking on the bright side, you have saved me a lot of expense!


Yes, telemetry options do seem to be limited in the UK.


BTW, I should have been more specific on the 433Mhz frequency. The 433-434 frequency band is split up like you wouldn't believe. Many of the European modules are not allowed in the UK because they intefere with HAM radio allocations, you can however use bits of it! The detail can be found (I believe) at:

Someone came on the other day and was completely adament that 2.4GHz control and xbee worked fine together without affecting range. Apparently is the a wide bandwidth of the video signal transmitters that are the problem transmission type.

I wouldn't usually say this without personal experience but the guy was someone I trust (I just cannot remember who - possibly Martint).

Ok thanks,,,


I happen to have a 2.4GHz 1 watt video transmitter so I'll try it sometime soon just to see if it affects my 2.4

rc equipment, and if so by how much...



Hi Peter,

I'm in final testing with the 2.4 xbees, if all works out in the next day or so I will have a telemetry kit for the UK which will work from the box! Early indications are a range of a mile, which is beyond line of site, another thing which is illegal in the UK.



Ok Martin,

Looking forward to the results...

Put me on your order list...



I have 2.4GHz working nicely with laptop using the Sparkfun Xbee Explorer but would be good to leave the laptop behind - Has anyone tried an Ardustation with a 2.4GHz Xbee in UK?
For the UK the 2.4GHZ band is limited to 10mW for video.


Perhaps we could also revisit the 868Mhz version. Was speaking to a friend who has apparently used these without problems (for other purposes). Perhaps they are suffering intermod or harmonic problems in this application...



Hi Peter, I don't think the problem is with harmonics as I'm sure they are probably filtered, I think its simply a case of legislation which requires the units to shut down after a period of time and this restriction is built into them at the point of manufacturing. This period can be overcome to some extent depending on the amount of data that is being transmitted within the duty cycle period. It doesn't rule them out for use but certainly makes it more difficult for us in the UK. As you may have read in other post some of us have managed to get good running times from these units and I have been flying with them now for two years without problems but not using any out of the box solution. It's a shame because these units would have been perfect for UK users if they had not have put such restriction on them that seems to cripple the units at any decent baud rate. There are modems within the 433-4 Mhz frequency which are perfectly legal for use in the UK and do not have any duty cycle limit but the power is limited. My personal experience was they did not function very well and the LPRS modules I had suffered from ESC interference. Others may have have had better results than mine on 433-4.




James, Thanks for the insight!

Well it does seem like we are limited to the already crowded 2.4 band...



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