I'm having problems with my XBee Pros intended as the downlink for the Ardupilot. When I hook my Locosys 5hz GPS directly to the computer using the FTDI cable, I'm getting a 5hz update rate as seen in the attached file GPSFDI.txt
As soon as I introduce the XBees in the link, thus GPS--->Xbee (set at 38400) ----> XBee ->FTDI, the rate drops down to on NMEA sentence every few seconds or so as seen in the attached file GPSXbee.txt.

What am I doing wrong? I've separated the two XBees anywhere from a few feet to 10 meters apart, but with the same results. How can I get an acceptable transfer rate with the XBees?



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Thanks alot jordi. I'll give it a try as soon as I get my replacement adafruit Xbee adapter board....
Last night when playing around with both modules I managed to reverse the power to the adapter board and now it doesn't work anymore. A diode would have been nice...

What throughput are you getting with this configuration? I also sent a request to digi yesterday and this is their reply:
Thank you for contacting Digi. For your application, I would strongly recommend exchanging the XBee Znet 2.5 modules you have for the XBee 802.15.4. The 802.15.4 version of the product support Peer to peer, Point to point and Point to multi-point network topologies with up to 80kbps throughput. The product you are currently using is a mesh based product and is not well suited for system with streaming data or low latencies required.

You should follow Digi's advice. They are telling you that your Series 2 modules are not suitable for this application, and that you need to move to Series 1 modules.

I'm using Xbee Pro S1 as the transmitter and Receiver for my Quadcopter.

Can the data rates becomes a problem with the controlling of the Quadcopter.

Actually i'm new in this.

When i test the xbee with the controlling of the motor there is delay in changing the speed of the motor,is this because of the data rates of the xbee?

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