I've got a small collection of 900MHz xbees from the diydrones store and need to get a couple more because of lost craft. I would like to go with 3DR radios but I'm using the ardustation tracker which is using an xbee. Don't think it works with 3DR.

Anyway I didn't see a RPSMA version on the store so searched around and found it at a couple of places with one saying it's being phased out.

Just wondering what the latest word is on xbee. Should I be looking or waiting for a newer version around the corner or jump ship to 3DR radios and forgo the tracker until it's supported?

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We're going to be releasing a version of the 3DR radio with an Xbee footprint in the next month or so. 

Good to hear. So it will be a drop in replacement for xbees once that happens? I went ahead and picked up two xbees to hold me until then.

Yes, they'll look like this. Should be out in late Jan. 

Great, it will help make the switch over.

BTW, I was just placing an order on the store and the APM2.5+ unassembled  showed I didn't' have access to the page. I had it opened yesterday but today it's blocked. Will only the assembled version be available now? I prefer the side entry.

We're going to be releasing a side entry assembled version today.

Latest word is the new XBee 900 HP which has a 9 mile range using a regular dipole antenna (28 miles with high gain!):


Digi's msrp is 39 dollars for the RPSMA point-to-multipoint version: XBP9B-DPST-001

I just picked up a couple of the XBP9B-DPST-001. Good price.

Can you tell me do the XBee 900 HP's fit onto the sparkfun XBee adapter boards directly as a replacement to the XBee's which were supplied originally with the now discontinued 3Dr 900Mhz XBee telemetry kit.



Yes, they are pin-compatible with other XBees and have similar current requirements to other XBee PRO models.

Cheers for that info Robert.

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