Xbee telemetry kit for use in UK

Hello, I'm looking at adding xbee telemetry to my AC2 in the UK. I see that the 900 MHz version sold by the DIYDrones USA store is approved for use in the USA and Canada only. There is a 2.4 GHz Version sold by coolcomponents.co.uk, which I'm checking the approvals status of in the UK but am expecting that will be OK. Confusion here is that the 2.4GHz  modules come in 3 flavours: series 1, series 2 (2.5) and series ZB.

Can anyone tell me which of these I should use, so as to be plug-in compatible with AC2 and the groundstation software that you support please?

Is there anyone here in the UK successfully using xbee telemetry with a groundstation?




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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm Currently testing Martin's telemetry setup with my Spectrum Dx6i and Dx7i at the moment!
    Initial thoughts is that it just took 1 click of a button to setup.
    The xbee module is a 2.4ghz Xbee Pro, And there is no interference with my spectrum Dx6i at all.
    I will do some range testing soon and get back to you all.

  • HI Rob


    In South Africa we cant use 900mhz either. I am running 2.4 Xbee Pro series 2 with zigbee frimware (XBP24ZB) and it is running very well with APM 2 I use a AIRTRONICS SD10G radio on 2.4ghz and i dont get interferance.


    I had a few bugs getting the 2.4 xbees to work, but once they were setup properly with X-CTU they work very well up to 1kilometer.


    pm me if you need help setting them up.



  • I initially had tried the 2.4 Series 2.5 (which are mesh type) and got quite a bit of packet loss on the serial even with low speeds. Since I changed to 900Mhz PRO (P2P,P2MP), the issues are gone and all my GCS's connect at 115200 without issue. Haven't really pushed the range yet, but so far 400-500 meters was no issue. I know its no option for you, but just wanted to share before you spend your money. I have a Futaba FASST 2.4G radio. Might have been interference due to the same frequency band. However I even saw the serial packet loss on the ground with My RC Radio off.



  • Rob,

    I'm using 2.4GHz with the Series 2.5 xbees and it works fine with (atleast) the APM Planner and qGroundControl.


    Martin at BuildYourOwnDrones is putting together a kit for 'plug and play' in UK and expects it to be available soon,



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