If I understand correctly APM telemetry is based on XBees.

Can I have several an XBee on the ground (connected to an Arduino, say) communicate with the 3DR telemetry module on my quad? Can I do that and have a ground station 3DR as well or is it purely a 1 to 1 communication?

I'd love to show some telemetry information on a portable arduino when I don't use my Android tablet based GD or even when I do.

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Hi Frenchguy

It's not actually xbee but the 3DR radios operate in a similar way.

You can have as many as you want on the ground you just need to set them to the same channel.

I have never operated two on the ground at once (i.e. I've either had a laptop running or a separate ground station running not both) so I can't say whether there would be a conflict if you ran two on the ground at the same time (I'm sure it was ok with xbees so might be ok).

There are some existing Arduino based displays/ground stations that you may have already seen like this or this.


Thanks for your answer, Paul.

So did the 3DR radios use to be XBee and are now proprietary?

The ardustations you linked to seem to still be using XBees. I wonder if the 3DR radio is XBee compatible, maybe?


the 3DR radios are an open source radio they do the same thing as the xbee's but they are open source and more suited for use as telemetry radios. They are not compatible with xbees (i.e. you can't have an xbee module in the air and a 3dr radio on the ground) but electrically they are compatible (i.e. you can use two 3dr radios in place of two xbees - they have different connectors but the same basic requirements - a ground wire, a 5v wire, a transmitt and and a receive) - does that make sense?

Before the 3dr radios we mainly all used xbees. The 3drs are very easy to set up in mission planner (the xbees can be a bit more difficult, but not that hard).

If you have a couple of xbees then use them, if you are buying from new then I'd get a couple of 3dr modules

Cheers Paul

If it wasn't clear, you can use the 3dr radios with the old ardustation but it won't fit the connector. I use an ArduStationMega with the 3dr radios, P

The ArdustationMega looks interesting but I have some ideas for adding features. I already have a screen and a 2560. Do you know if the software for the Ardustation Mega is available and usable on any Mega?

On the new 3DR radios, you just use a similar connector to the telemetry port on the Pixhawk/APM?

Software is here, the ASM is based on the mega however I'm sure you'd be able to get it running but also sure there will be lots of differences for any interfaces (to telemetry, gps, keys etc).

If you were using the new 3dr radios you would just cut the cable and solder the wires into the ASM or  Mega. P

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