Weird problem again.

XBee works fine both receiving and transmitting with power from     USB-> APM -> XBEE and

5V Battery-> Receiver -> APM-> XBEE



But when using with ESC or BEC it only works transmitting data from APM to my PC.

But not the other way around. When i send something from my PC to APM the ASC/RSSI on XtreamBee board light up.


I'm using XBEE PRO 2.4.

I'm setting Baudrate in the ArducopterNX to 111111 and PC to 115200 with 2 stopbits.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


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Not enough power
You mean power from the USB and 5V NiCd Battery are more than the 3A BEC?

Is it the same problem as this guy?

with USB or Battery the voltage level was about 4.8V

with ESC it's about 5.1V

Stick with the Xbee modules we recommend. Higher power ones take more current than the adapters can handle.

I use 2.4Ghz Xbee modules as recommended on this page.

Then that should work fine. Are you sure the slider on the Xtreambee is in the right position?

I try connecting diode between ESC/BEC and APM to drop the voltage down from 5.15V to 4.85V and Xbee works!

But is this normally happening to other people?

Will there be any consequences to other system on the board?

I've got the same problem, and know of another user who has it too.  Two 60mW xBee Pro's on XtremeBee adaptors.  Baud ratea set at 57600, master mode selected on adaptor boards.  Hooked up to FTDI's and 2 laptops and they communicate just fine.  When one is hooked up to Serial3 on the APM stack, it will transmit data to the laptop, but it will not receive it from the laptop.


The xBee on the APM knows it's getting a transmission as the red RSSI LED lights up on it when you type on the laptop, but there is no sign of activity on the DO line, the amber LED never flashes.  Same behavior is exhibited if I swap radio positions between the APM and laptop.


Also it does not matter if I power the APM stack from the USB cable or from a 3S 2170 lipo connected to the power input pins, same behavior.


Is there a schematic of the XtremeBee board availble so we can look at what we are dealing with?  I'm going to try reversing DO/DI at the APM end and setting slave mode and see what happens.



More info:


Changing TX and RX and setting slave mode on the APM side does not change anything, same behavior.


If I disconnect TX and RX from the APM xBee and send characters from the laptop, I will get activity on the DO amber LED.  If I connect either or both TX and RX to the APM xBee, the DO line will not indicate activity when characters are sent.


Is there a 3.3 volt device (xBee) incompatability with a 5 volt device (1280) going on here???

John, can you link to the Xbee modules you're referring to? (Ideally on Sparkfun)--I get confused by all the different types. The ones we linked to and recommend have been fully tested and are in use every day with Xtreambee adapters, but I don't know about others.
Yes, as I thought, those are not the ones we recommend in the documentation in the tabs above and in the manual. I may have some at home and if so I'll try them, but I don't know much about them. You're safe with the ones we recommend.

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