I found the instructions for setting up the Simulator a bit sketchy.  

I got it working on my Dell Latitude D830 laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I'm using X-Plain 9.21rc2,  the AruduPilotMega Planner 0.5 by Michael Oborne, ArguPilot Mega with IMU shield and a  Spektrum 8 receiver / transmitter.

I was not sure how all this fit together but I think I understand it now. Here is how I understand it now.

  1. The Radio communicates with your receiver.
  2. Your receiver talks PPM to the APM inputs.
  3. The APM, with a few special changes in APM_config.h, is told to send X-Plane data 
    USB port on the IMU shield.
  4. Using the FTDI serial driver the ArduPilotMega Planner connects to the APM and opens
    the network port 49005 on localhost IP ( for X-Plane to talk to.
  5. X-Plane, with a few settings, sees the data on the port and acts accordingly.

My transmitter is programmed for a simple four servo plain no mixing.

The switches on my IMU, from left to right are  UP, UP, UP Down, when you are facing the switch.

This turns off the IMU mixing. 

In the ArduPilotMega Planner, I set my comm port and check the Reverse box for Roll, Pitch and 


For a time I could had trouble getting all the controls to register.  After checking and rechecking my

connections I got it to work find. 

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If you dont have a valid APM connection the gps/imu data will not show. So firstly work on getting the APM connection up. this should fill the servo outs and the mode etc, then once you have xplanes valid as well the gps and imu data will fill in.



I have the X-Plane interface working OK, at least for flying waypoints. I'm using the X-Plane PT60 model, and the computer is an E7400 Core Duo, running at 2.8 GHz I think. I.e. nothing special these days.

You have to go into CLI mode (slide switch towards the RC connection headers) and use the 'config' and then 'reset' commands. The reset command applies the default PID, AIRSPEED_CRUISE values etc. to the EEPROM. Move the switch back towards the middle of the board and restart and the EEPROM values are read into the code.


Michael, I do have a problem when I switch to AUTO mode from MANUAL with the first command set to TAKEOFF. APM puts in a big pulse of down elevator, often enough to bang the plane into the ground.


I'm using the PT60 model, and mostly stock settings for everything. I did set the gains on the Ardusim application so I just got full travel on my stick inputs in manual mode on the assumption that APM is scaling its outputs correspondingly.


I also notice that there is sometimes a little blip of opposite roll before APM bangs the plane over to 45° to head for the next waypoint.

Thanks. Somewhere I missed the part where doing a CLI config/reset writes all the PID values.


I hope you can help me with setting up X-Plane... I did everything from manual, but I can't get any data like Plane GPS, Plane IMU or Ardupilot Output to fill the screen in Ardupilot SIm program.

can anybody tell me is there a way to interfere the PPM singnal from RC receiver to arducopter board ?  i was trying to read the value using pulsein() and write using servo mapping 1000 -2000 0 -179 didn't work :( 

please help me thanks in advance

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