Finally to this point i have through help from all mastered everything to this point...Thnx to all..


Finally my test flight in XPLANE, all works well plane takes of and flies, my modes (only 3 for now) manual stabilize and auto.


My problem is the plane seems to have a mind of its own it looks like it has a plan but has not shared it with me, it flies and turns on when it wants to, nice secure flight, but definately ignoring my instructions.


Only thing a can see is in GCS and and Sim that looks like a problem,  i see it reports bearing as well as waypoint error, not sure why, i will attach some screen shots, please advise if anyone can assit.  I am very keen to do first real flight...






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I have since had it working but today all works tomorrow it will not work???

Those ERR values show how far off the aircraft is from the correct bearing. It's part of the crosstrack error correction. Normal. 


What language are you working in? Sometimes there can be a conflict between versions of Windows that use commas instead of periods in waypoints.

Thnx will check, It is set to Enlish United States.  so i guess we need it to be periods, right?

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