For some reason when connecting to the APM channel 4 (rudder) using a Y-harness for a dual rudder setup, there is extreme twitching in one rudder.  Has anyone experienced this?  Any suggestions?

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Does either servo twitch by itself?
If you plug the aileron y cable into channel 4 will it still twitch?
Have you tried 2 different servos on that y cable?
Have you tried a different y cable?

If each servo is independently connected to the APM then they work fine.  It is only when using the Y-harness and it is just one rudder.  I have tried another y-harness with no luck, as well I have tried another receiver.

Try the same servos and harness on another channel. Try the aileron channel.

Tried that, but same situation.

So we know it's the servos and not the APM.

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