I've been performing some flight tests using two batteries and I'm just not getting what i was expecting. I am hoping other Y6 users can chime in with their battery/flight times, and see if i'm really off.. or if this is what is expected. Lastly, most importantly.. what can I do to increase flight time? It would be a goal of mine to achieve 20minutes.

Battery 1: Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack

Approx 8minutes.

Batttery 2: ZIPPY Flightmax 5800mAh 3S1P 30C

Approx 10 minutes.

Using 850kv 3DR blue motors. Long Range Telemetry module. Dragonlink for Radio. Carrying Tarot 2D gimbal (+200g) no camera for these tests.

Attached images of flight times and VCC/volt data.

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just a quick update on my battery trials. re-post from a thread in the Y6 users group, in case some over look that area:

So i ended up getting a zippy 3S 8000mah to testhttp://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16225__zippy_flightmax_8...

With the gimbal + camera, it maxes out the recommended weight for the 3DR Y6 of 2500g. I plan to remove my bullet connectors and shave off some weight. Someone mentioned about 100G savings with this.

-I got about 13 minutes of hover only, and 9.5 minutes of mixed flight under low wind conditions. Mixed flight meaning, flying about 1 mile away and back (10000 feet traveled)

-40amp draw for hover @ 65% throttle.

-Once the voltage reaches below 10v, you begin to feel the weight. Fast descents are very hard to recover from. 

-Only been able to charge 7000mah into this battery. This is from stopping at 9.6v under load, and 15% battery shown left on my OSD.

I really can't say I recommend this battery unless you fly with no gimbal or go pro. If you are just flying around and don't have the FPV weight (or just are using a small camera to FPV), it would fare quite well. Otherwise, flying around at 2500g does feel sluggish.

now waiting for a nanotech 3S 6400mah. let's see how that does!

3S 8000mA is a beast of a battery.. I think that's beyond the 'heavy' end of the flight time / performance curve.

I'm running both 5000mA 3S (Zippy) and 6000mA packs, with similar results.  I'd like to experiment with 4S packs next, to see how much loss is in wire-current and high C discharge, but then my 12v LED lights need a regulator.

You have all the essential elements for a scientific comparison here, and I'd certainly like to hear others:

1) All-up weight with battery

2) Battery cell count (voltage) and mAh rating, and brand, (maybe battery weight.)

3) Hover current demand.

4) Hover or mild flight durations, and what voltage cutoff you're using as terminus.

Next I want to mess with some of the other variables.. prop diameter, pitch, motors.. this could take a while. :)

Perhaps we should start a google doc where we can enter this information in a spreadsheet (not sure if it's worth it). I've been flying with a Glacier 4000mah 3S. I have a Glacier 4000mah 4S but haven't tried it yet. I also have a 6000mah 3S Nano-tech that i'm waiting on connectors for. 

I think a Google Doc spreadsheet could be very useful, especially when we're talking about a well-known kit configuration, like the 3DR Y6 or one of the DJIs.  I would really like to see other real-world battery reports, and with the 3DR Power Module, more hover current measurements.

I have a 3DR Y6 kit that I built with the stock 850 blue motors. With my battery I weight in at about1500Grams. No camera or gimbal yet. I had a Thunder Power 5000mAh 6cell 25c pack for a helicopter I have that I split into two 3 cell packs (can be dangerous don't do this unless you really know what you are doing) I started out doing 7 min flights then 8 and finally my last flight was 9 min and I put 3164mAh back into the pack after that. My calculation is that is 63% of the pack so I will start adding 30 seconds to the time and see what happens. My Y6 hovers at about 590 on the throttle and measures at about 26A draw. The Thunder Power G6 Pro Lite packs are rated at 25c continuous and 50c burst. I am using the 3DR power module as well. 


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