I'm trying to get my RTF Y6 off the ground for the first time. 

I calibrated the ESCs, checked motor spin, ran the calibration wizard in MP (Turns out I had to run a virtual machine on my Mac to use MP, because APM Planner wouldn't work on it for some reason; this cost me a couple weeks of troubleshooting). Everything looks good. 

I arm the PX4, arm with transmitter, transmitter in stabilize mode, props spin (in the correct directions, with writing facing toward the sky, on both top and bottom propellers). Throttle is responsive, pitch and roll are responsive. 

But, the copter won't leave the ground, even with throttle maxed out. It's like it just doesn't have enough power to fly. 

Any suggestions? 

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Cheers, Randy. Thank you for your reply. All the motors are spinning the correct direction and the propellers are installed properly. I haven't checked the motor sequence, yet (i would test it right now, but my 5-day old son is asleep in the next room and it's LOUD when I power up the drone, heh).

Anyways, the difference in power delivery to the motors between full throttle in ESC calibration and full throttle in Stabilize flight mode is dramatic. 

It seems like I should be able to start fresh and rewrite all the settings in the pixhawk and make it stop limiting power delivery.

Hmm, that's weird about the difference between ESC calibration and stabilize.

The only way I can imagine a difference is if the THR_MAX is set incorrectly (it should be 1000) or if the radio calibration hasn't been done.  If you post a dataflash log file I can have a quick look at the params.

Interestingly, there is no THR_MAX parameter to set on my PX4. I see THR_MIN and THR_MID, but no THR_MAX. 


     Normally the THR_MAX should never be changed so it's on the Advanced Parms page (or in the full parameter list).  If that's not visible then in the mission planner select Config/Tuning, Planner and check the Advanced View.

THR_MAX was set at 80!! I changed it to 1000, sent params to the board, powered down, powered back up and the motors sound much more powered! Time to fly! THANK YOU. 

I will be meeting with our DC DUG friend with the Y6 problem Thursday evening up at Nova Labs.  

Only difference between mine and his is he is using the Y6B configuration. Other than that, they are identical.

Ok, great that it's fixed now.  I wonder how that got changed.

I have the same problem. I've  APM 2.09 with hex x6 When I calibrate esc I have full power. When I arm in stabilize, I put full throttle and the propeller turn only at about 30%. Can't lift.

It is my first hexa with apm. I already used an hexa with dji naza and wookong.

Everything is calibrate and seem to work.

any suggestion?

Did you read this thread??  Look at your THR_MAX parameter.  It should be set to 1000.  It is probably set to something incorrect.

I can't find this parameter. Where I can find this? I have the APM 2.9



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