Hi, I am a newbie with APM and I think I am missing something regarding yaw.

During some ground tests I see no response of the rudder to the yaw movement ( I meen something like a heading hold gyro behavior). Reading a lot on the forum I found nothing explaining this behavior.

I understand that roll is mixed with the rudder but why yaw is not? What is the logic behind this?

A few words please from an expert.


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Hello Francisc! I'm pretty new too, but you are not alone in what you're experiencing, I also was expecting the rudder to try to correct yaw imput on my APM like it did with roll and pitch, but didn't see that in the rudder. I did, like you, see rudder input when it corrected roll.


If its any comfort, my airplane flew AMAZING without yaw correction (see the "Nova" on MyGeekShow on youtube), so you may not need it...

Ok I understand that I do not need it in a standard plane configuration but I want to use Ardupilot for something else, actually having VTOL capabilities. This means I need rudder control at ground speed 0.

Naturally rudder meaning here a servo vith a function similar vith the one in a tricopter not the classical vertical command surface.   

I can not use the tricopter code becouse I need pitch not mixed with throttle. 

VTOL? Cool! Thats beyond my experience... I wonder if the PID settings dictate when yaw control is used?


Good luck...

To be more specific. Attached is the actual design. To evoluate I need Ardupilot, I think is obvious why.

First step is  to use Ardupilot  in Stabilise mode just like flight stabilisator, eliminating FY-20a and the mixers.



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