Hi Guys. I'm new here so go easy eh!

Inspired by THAT high altitude glider guy years ago Ive finally gone and designed a pcb.

I didn't bother posting before I got the pcb's as I'm sure there are heaps of people with many many great ideas that never become reality for one reason or another & I didn't want to add to the list!

The boards came back last week & with all the excitement I thought I would post on here & get ye guys to critique it!

The board is 10cm by 4cm. I guess I could have made it smaller but I wanted to space things out in case I need to rewire/cut etc. I think(?) it should be small enough for a glider

Its a 4 layer board with some nice gold flash.

Some of the components are from sparkfun; gyros & accelerometers. The rest are microchip & maxim stuff.

It has a PIC18F8720. Should have gone bigger but I have ten samples already & I've used it before & have a nice compiler for it & the microchip ICD.
2 Axis Gyro
3 Axis Accelerometer
Serial port
Level shifter 3v/5v
Short range wireless, 10meters
Some ADC & DAC's
5 Servo O/Ps

I put an expandable SPI port so I can put some cheapo boards on with some extras. I got some SD card carriers in the mail so Ill put one on I recon.

I got the surface mount air-gun in the post yesterday so I'll start assembly tomorrow evening.

What do ye think?
I've tried to attach a picture but since this is my 1st post I don't know if it will come out ok.

I've gotten a two friends on board; one has the long range comms sorted & is a massive inspiration, the other is a good programmer. Should be fun!


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3 axis do not have to stay flat i norder to provide correct heading.
I'm interested =D
great work..... whats the update, how far have you reached??
Vincent, any updates?
Hi guys,

things have been a bit quiet as I have been away in S.Africa for hols.

Updates so far this year;
The board is all working & software is being developed by one of the guys.

I'm working on the next version of the board & this time its going to have a bit more grunt & some v.cool stuff on there. I'm still working out the feasibility of making it High Density Interconnect (HDI) but as this is just a hobby project for me I don't want the PCB to become stupidly expensive, although it would be very small & heaps of fun to do.

One of the other guys we are collaborating on all this stuff is working on some very interesting "Optical Flow" techniques which could work out to be very impressive.

Other than that, things are moving along a little slow, although winter is on the way & I'm sure development will increase as the temp decreases outside!
I have almost ten spare boards hanging around, so if anyone would like something to play with let me know. I can put a PIC & some boot-loader software on there & mail it for price of postage and the PIC. The rest of the parts are available easily online.

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