I would like to have a plane that allows me to do mapping. I am looking for a model that can carry a payload of about 2kg I already have the pixhawks with the downlink, Futaba radio 14sg, sony nex-7 with 16mm pancake lens. 3S, 4S and 6S 5000mah battery. I would like to fly around 40 minutes. I want it to be disassembled and easily transported in a car.

I looked at some models like Penguin and X6 Skywalker FPV wing but the payload is to low,

For now, the 2014 model skywalker 1800mm and Latest Version Black skywalker X8 Flying Wing seems  a good choice.

What are your suggestions and advice about models for mapping?

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Hi Gary, I'll post a build log once the first one is together. I'm waiting for my stepper motors and control boards from China for the CNC wing cutter - post office on strike:((. I'm sure they are lying in a stockpile of international parcels in Germiston. I tried to get to them at ORT Customs, but no luck. Very frustrating. I'll see if something happens by the end of the week. This gives me time to clean out the mould and plug.

Skywalker x5 has a high stall speed and not very stable

I wouldn't recommend it!

One thing if you intend to fit a NEX5 size camera is 2m wing span in order to get low stall speeds

A foamie is definitely a great way to start, something like a skywalker or bixler. Easy and safe hand launches and easy to tune. If you're looking for something a bit more, check out the Lynx at swiftradioplanes.com. Carries a variety of cameras including Nex-7 and A6000, packs down for transport, and can land vertically with a deep-stall. We also offer empty airframes for the DIY community. 

Hi Matthew

It looks nice. How much the plane fully loaded and its frame?

What do you think about the skyhunter or the new anaconda RMRC?

Finally, the model that seems the most appropriate for what I wish to do, is from the Zeta company, the model Buffalo FX-79. This is a light but strong model. it can take off by launching. It can handle a weight of more than 3.5kg and has a wingspan of 2M. . It can easily be disassembled and transported in a car. I will assemble for the use of the 6S

He meets my requirements. My tests could better inform me on these performances.

Here a thread on RCgroups http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2023676

Thank you for all your advice. They were very helpful!

Check out our latest Aeromapper 300 UAV model, it can fly for 1.5 hours with a 700 grs payload or 1 hr with a 1200 grs payload.


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