How is everyone securing their battery or batteries on their DIY quad, hexa, octa, etc frames? Are you using pool noodles? zip ties? Gravity? Rubber Bands? Hot Glue Velcro to the frame and also to the battery?


I need a better solution for my hexa using Rusty's Rev-8 Frame. I usually take a sheered off peice of pool noodle and put in between the battery and the frame and lodge it in the bottom part of my frame to keep it from moving.

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On my custom quad I have space for two batteries.

___________________________________ top plate

___________________________________ bottom Plate
             ----------            ----------                 battery holder


On the two ends of the battery I am using adhesive velcro and match it on the battery holder plates.  This is so the batteries cannot move.  Then I have hook and loop velcro which slide under the battery plate and around the batteries to defeat gravity.  Super secure, light weight.





Velcro on the bat mount (goes around the battery) and velcro strip glued to the frame and bat itself. 

It doesn't move! 

Yeah, that kind of thing.  I wanted to take a picture last night to show the setup I have, but completely forgot... Was working on my Telemetry and sonar issue...

Hey Jim. I would like to see a picture of how you mount your battery. I'm just bought a 5000mAh 3S and its barely hanging on with that single Velcro strap. I'm not going to fly it again until I figure out a way to secure that battery to the quad.

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