I am trying to use a zoom video camera - does anybody else have experience of doing so? Specifically, I have a problem with tuning the yaw. When in full zoom, I need a very precise and stable yaw. The problem I have is that if I simply dial up the Stab Yaw P, I still get errors and it is very hard to control. Too much and the copter yaws unpredictably in flight. What is the best way to tune yaw?

Also, errors in the camera stabilisation show up that much more. I am struggling with tuning that as well, but was wondering whether anybody knew what the CAM_R_DZ and CAM_P_DZ parameters did? I think that I need to speed up the response of the stabilisation and was hoping that those might help. Cheers, Bill

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Yes-yes-yes, what do they do and what range of values they accept?

I am also wondering about CAM_R_DZ and CAM_P_DZ parameters ..

I will throw my hat into the ring, does anybody have this info available or have worked it out.

It would be really helpfull to us newbies trying to get our heads around real world applications.

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