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Latitude/Longitude Conversions

I feel really dumb asking this, but I swear I've been looking all over the web and I can't find a definitive answer. Every website I find tells me how to convert from degrees/minutes/seconds to decimal degrees, but the Parallax GPS receiver outputs i

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Airspeed Measurement?

Hey all,For people using homemade navigation units, how are guys getting airspeed? From google'ing, I've found that two pressure senors (MPX4115a), one static (inside the fuse) and one dynamic (attached to a pitot tube), could be the hardware. But I'

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5 Wire servo - help needed

Does anyone know how to interact with a 5-wire servo? I would like to be able to read the commands to this servo (with my parallax propeller) and either pass through the signal or modify it. (I'm using the propeller to interface with standard 3-wire

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Which one to try first??

Hi,I can see myself building many UAV’s over time but I'm not sure what to try first?Up till now I have been flying RC Helicopters. (One day I want to attempt to turn my Trex into a UAV, after successfully mastering it in planes first).Has anyone suc

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Picopilot Circling

Does anybody know what would cause the picopilot to circle a waypoint more than once then depart for the next? I have conducted multiple test runs and have found that when I set only one waypoint it will fly to it, turn around and return. When I have

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