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Using Blender for parts

Hi, I'm new to the idea of 3D in general but I see it's power.  I've been playing with Blender 2.6 and know just a little and not enough yet.  Anyway, I want to print airfoils and a spar to hold them.  I took an airfoil from Xfoil and used it as a ba

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3D Printed Quadcopter Update

Hey everyone.  I've updated my design for my 3D printed quad.  Changed up a couple things aesthetically, and designed a GoPro mount.  There is a lot more I want to change.  Such as a canopy over the electronics, an area for a battery strap and some F

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My Latest 3D Printed Hexa Flyer

Hi Folks,

Here are some pictures of my almost completed Tri/Hexacopter.

To work around the size limitations, I've made the arms in pieces.  They are now actually extendable.  The truss design means that they are very stiff, especially in the vertical a

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