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Dual Extrusion


I just upgraded my printer to a dual extruder, with the ultimate goal of printing vibration-isolating mounts with a combination of ABS and ninjaflex.  Apparently ninjaflex adheres to ABS well.   The photo above is my first dual extruder project -- it

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Kinect Snanner

Allot of people have been using, and writing sotware for the xbox 360 kinect, because after all it has a 3d camera array, and a USB connector. you can get one on ebay for $30 or so used....and the power adapter for 5.99. I did a search first for abox

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f450 legs?

I recently found a need for some legs for my f450, but they want $50 for something obvoisly printed from china. They just copied someones design.


Im new to 3D Design.....But this looks pretty simple. The upper part slides into a 450 "short" leg and th

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