Im doing a prototype of an 100% automatic agriculture drone,

i mean it can recharge by itself, the battery and the liquid...

the user can add multiple basses in the field

it can have all the charactaristics of a copter 3.6 (ardupilot),

obstacle avoidance, precission landing and much more..

more information on my yt channel and in this video:


what are your opinions,

i think a VTOL drone is the next step in this prototipe, the problem is obstacle avoidance in planes is not developed very well now?

thank you all

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Cool idea! Where in Spain are you located?

not only a cool idea, it is a prototipe that do its work very well, it has a modified version of copter 3.6 and auxiliar electronics, that make posible that the drone rechargues liquid/energy and continue with the mission, it is not dificult to do, so i really want to make a big scale model.and i really want to inprove the prototipe, but i ned help because i have no time:)¡¡

i live in galicia,

Jose F Moreno said:

Cool idea! Where in Spain are you located?



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