Looking for NDVI sample data from plantations for research project

Hi all,

I'm geoscientist and drone pilot, but have recently started to improve my GIS and remote sensing skills by attending some advanced GIS courses. One of the courses requires me to complete a freely chosen capstone project to show my skills, and that's why I'm posting this:

As I'm really interested in UAVs, multispectral data, and automated classification (or feature detection) I thought automated plant detection and classification from UAV imagery might be a cool project to work on. My idea is to use multispectral drone imagery (e.g. taken with a MicaSense RedEdge or similar camera) of one or multiple plantations and try to develop a workflow in ArcGIS that automatically identifies individual trees/bush/plants (whatever is growing on the plantation), counts them, and classifies them by their health. This is certainly nothing new but a nice project to test my skills.

Problem is, I neither have a plantation nor a suitable multispectral camera.

Would somebody here be willing to provide me with some UAV multispectral imagery from plantations that I can use for my project? At the moment I don't really care where the plantation is located or what kind of plants are growing there. However, it should be something with a little bit of spacing between individual plants (hence no crop fields), and at best some of the plants are more healthy than others.

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Hi Philipp,

Are you willing to try in a data link this one (NDVI sample, after classification)?

Hi Philipp, I could provide you with imagery of a citrus grove, varying health, and several plant species, e.g. pine trees.  Send me a message if you are interested.


Hi Wilson,

the dataset looks really nice, exactly what I was thinking of, but I would need the raw data, i.e. the R G B and NIR bands.

Thanks Will, I'll send you a message! :-)

Hi Phillip

I have several sets of data available (using an Event 38 modified camera co-located with a normal unmodified camera) and I plan on doing some more testing in the near future. If you have a specific need for a certain type of subject send me a pm and hopefully we can work together. I use a full size aircraft for this so there is no need to arrange access or permission from the land owner for small data sets.

Attached is a "raw" image from the event 38 camera and screen shots of the associated "processed" image, and the normal camera image is too large for upload (51 Megapixel camera). 

Kind regards



Hi Neil,

that's a nice shoot, but can you identify individual trees on the images? An individual tree should at least cover a couple of pixels, otherwise the identification will be really hard...

I'll send link to download soon.

Philipp said:

Hi Wilson,

the dataset looks really nice, exactly what I was thinking of, but I would need the raw data, i.e. the R G B and NIR bands.

Hi Philipp, please send me an personal message, i will provide some true NDVI samples for you

Hi guys,

sorry for the late reply.

Someone gave me some data that I used to test my skills. Results are certainly not perfect and have some false detections, especially where trees are very closely spaced and form some sort of big hedge. A GIS expert might get more out of it.

Below are two images, the first shows the delineated tree crowns and a height classification, the second has the NDVI.

If someone has comparable data I'd be happy to test my model with it. I need a DSM to extract the trees, and spectral data to assign plant health. :-)

Hi Philipp,

Sorry for taking to long to get back to you.

Please, send me a private message such I can pass the link to the raw data set (spectral + rgb).





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