As you, we are passionate about drones and agricultural applications. At the moment, we have developed a low-cost camera that would let you know about health of plants and crops through NDVI multispectral analysis.  The good news is that we will launch it by a crowdfunding project in Kickstarter. Here there are the main features of uSense camera.

To drive our product to the right market we would like to know your comments and thoughts regarding the next questions:


 1. Type of uses that you will do it with a camera like that.

 2. What are the features that you will love add it?

 3. How much you will be willing to pay?


Thank you for your comments, we appreciate the time and any link that you think could help us as well.


If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us!




USense Team


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Sequoia is probably the most ideal sensor that has been built just for the application. But definitely costs quite a lot. We just ordered few sequoia for an upcoming project. We would be interested if the cost with similar features could be reduced. 


Hi Pravin, we're working in some kind of automatic calibration with a light sensor for version 2.  Thanks for the feedback. 

Well how is your camera any different from other Gopro like competitors on the market ?

Hi Michael, uSense is working hard on calibration since our experience is deep in spectroscopy.  The goal is to have a real calibrated NDVI value, to achieve that we have developed a calibration algorithm that it is in test stage. 

I think Mapir did a really good job and it is a great product for that value. 

Our goal for the near future is working in an open source version to keep spreading the use of multispectral imaging around the world.

Nice name for a camera.. should perfectly fit in our USENSE UAVs!

send me a PM if you'd like to test it out in a fixed wing!



Hi Dries,

Sorry we didn't know about your company's name was the same as ours.   I just checked your website and it looks you have a lot of experience with drone surveying, you're feedback will be important to us.   Could you tell me which features would you like to have in a multispectral camera?

Finally, thanks for the offer, we are definitely going to select a few enthusiast and companies to test our cameras.

OK let's say that beyond crop health status with NDVI, I am interested in spectral bands and vegetation indexes that could show water and nitrogen content in the crops. Do you have any idea which bands and indexes could match ?

For the nitrogen GDVI - Green Difference Vegetation Index could match where GDVI=NIR-GREEN.

For water however I'm afraid you need higher spectral bands than NIR.

Sure .. like other already mentioned, specifications like sequioa would be great, along with an open library to coregister the spectral bands before the SfM processing!

all the best 

Thanks for the feedback!

Hola Jose.

Te escribe Mauricio Velez desde Colombia. Soy un entusiasta de los drones y en especial del tema de agricultura de precision. Hace un año vengo inmerso en el mundo de los drones. Mi primer drone fue un Phantom3 P, con el que he realizado muchas cosas, entre imagenes, videos, ortofotos, DME, hasta modelos en 3d.

Ahora estoy construyendo un hexacoptero con controlador Pixhawk y lo quiero emplear para agricultura. Empleando camaras multiespectrales.

Yo vivo en Colombia en una ciudad que se llama Yopal, en el departamento de Casanare. Esta region pertenece a la orinoquia Colombiana o Los Llanos Orientales. Y es una region netamente arrocera y palmera y ademas en expansion, con la posibilidad de aplicar esta tecnologia en miles de hectareas sembradas y miles mas por sembrar.

Me gustaria mucho aprender de la mano de ustedes y colaborar en su proyecto para obtener un beneficio mutuo.

Cuente con mi apoyo en esta zona.


Hola Mauricio, gracias por la información.  Seguro estamos interesados en tu colaboración, me podría enviar un mensaje o contactar al mail para conversar a mas detalle como podemos trabajar. 



Any update on the development on this camera?

What is the status?


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