I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with estimating populations on photos they've taken with UAVs.  Software or particular methods that you have found to work.  I currently use a Y6 tri-copter from Event 38 with a GoPro Camera as well as a Canon SX 260 converted to near-infrared.  I've used Agisoft Photoscan with great success in photo-stitching and dronemapper. I've dabbled with Fiji/image j, and Microsoft ICE but I've found they seem to have more of a learning curve for me.

Any ideas if population estimates work well in any of these programs or in others that I have not mentioned?



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A new startup company from MIT, Raptor Maps, is working on bringing a cloud-based solution for this (image stitching and stand counts, etc). 

Check them out at RaptorMaps.com and contact them. 

Ok My friend, I visited your new company's website but I could not find any information about software or service cloud-based.

Hi Taylor.

Your software is great, I have mede some work withBanana crops, and I was wondering if There has been progress in the comercial version of your software?. 

Best regards

(apologies for my english).


Hi Pedro, send your sample files and more info to ruchit@harvesting.co 


Thank you, the actual file is a very large Geotiff, I will clip it and send it via Dropbox.


Hi guys,

I just came across this about performing stand counts / crop counts, using drones. There are lots of technological developments in precision ag, but sometimes I wonder what the practical use is.

Any chance you can tell me why this interests you? What crops are you growing? What decisions that can be made, based on stand counts, and what are the benefits? 



Hi Taylor, I've sent you a friend request so we can connect and discuss where you are up to with your plant count technology. I am involved in some research trials in Australia that could really benefit from this technology and I may be able to provide some crop imaging you've not test previously if that interests you.

Tony Gilbert, Queensland Drones

Taylor Glenn said:

Hi Nasruddin,

I can't direct message you since we're not friends yet on the site. So I'm posting a reply here before I forget.

 I'd be happy to take a look at your images. You can email them to me if they are small enough, or send me a link from dropbox, google drive, etc. if that is more convenient. Email: tcg [at] precisionsilver.com.




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