my experience with AP 2.5 for photogrammetry

after 4 years of doing many failed attempts with APM and inexpensive tool for Photogrammetry and Precision agriculture today and come to the conclusion that APM is an inexpensive tool that can be very useful for these applications. for less than $ 4000 can build a drone with very professional results.

here I leave an example of the result and obtained so far.

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Good to know APM 2.5 work well for you. Can you please tell a little more about your air frame configuration ? You use a high end Samsung NX200 camera, I'm interest to learn how you set up the camera to do continue shooting of images.

the camera is triggered manually every 5 seconds to a height of 300 meters

skywalker 1900

radio futaba 12fg


samsumg nx200

LRS dragon link

motor scorpion 900w

Very nice work! We're working on documenting better the autopilot-triggered camera function (using CHDK with Canons). We'll post some CHDK scripts soon. 

I only use Canon IXUS with chdk these days. Taken all the work out of it. Light is still key with these things, more the merrier.

this is good news Chris, I think in the future I will try to do video tutorials of how to implement a low-cost drone for agriculture, mine have been good results after 4 years of trial and error, unfortunately in my country do not interasa these issues of technology. So maybe in the future I just started making video instruction, for now the main obstacle is the language, I only speak Spanish. improve my English when I start to do the tutorials.

what was the purpose for the GoPro3 camera?

Very nine stitching job. If language may be a problem, you can write instruction manual with plenty photo. I'm also use CHDK to trigger my Canon S100. I set the trigger interval as fast as possible, about 3 seconds. It is always good to have more overlapping so I can delete a blur image if needed. 

What software did you use for stitching Jim? Is it orthorectified or just tiled?

Nice job.

Great work Jim.

Thanks for sharing.

Bravo, magnífico trabajo Jim.


My next work with APM 2.5. 

MaxiSwift II, Canon SX260HS with built-in GPS, photos every 2 sec.

3 flights at 100 + 1 flight at 150 m AGL, approx 2000 photos.

For this ortophoto generation was used approx 1400 photos.

Software - AGISoft PhotoScan. 

Area: 1.2 km2, ortophoto filesize 1.7 GB, resolution 4.8 cm/pixel.

During test fights - photo triggering via APM was tested and its working OK, but for larger area is problem with WP count (only 158 in APM memory is possible), so for "normal" flights - CHDK standard interval function was used.


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